1LINE one-stroke puzzle game App Reviews

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best game

best game ever 😍😍😍😍

Great app but the leaders board has some glitches

The leaderboard has a few glitches. The number of levels that I have completed is much higher than the number of levels that it shows on the leaderboard


Brilliant-great for strategic thinkers!😅


This is an amazing game and I love playing it. It makes me frustrated at times but that’s what makes it fun!!

Great game

Love it

Mind Relaxing

I us this to desires and it is amazing.




It’s a really fun and challenging game but I love challenges so I like it no not like ,LOVE!!!and me and my parents sit and play with me when I’m bored or its to challenging!!!!!!😁😁❤️❤️💯💯


Brain use age good 🤙

Fun game

Unlike a lot of games, this one doesn’t get crazy difficult way too soon. Keeps my mind sharp.

This game is fun

I enjoy this game, there’s a lot of ads but it’s fun.

I love it!

Great food for your brain!


Fun and addicting!

Mind blown 💥

Nice way to stimulate your mind, I love it.

Makes me feel like a super genius.



Keeps your brain occupied, but those ads are there!


I’m kill these levels I had the game a couple weeks and stop playing it but then killed two stages in one night

Real ni**a sh*t

No bullsh*t, just fun


Great brain game


It’s really good game but it also hard because I don’t know really know the all the Connection from this game tho. But this is great game even tho its very hard but I think I could do it.

Line Fan

Great brain / eye coordination exercise


Fun game


La música suena un poco alta. Debería haber una opción para escucharla en un volumen más bajo sin tener que bajar el volumen completo del teléfono. La única opción que tiene es de MUTE, pero sería genial poder escuchar la música un poco más baja sin tener que quitarla por completo. Esa es mi observación.

1Line is GREAT!

This is a great game for exercising your brain and spatial reasoning. I love it!

Too Easy but good app.

I've been playing it for a while. And I am in the last level of nomenclature levels(haven't played numeric levels). But it is just so easy and doesn't really get harder as level goes up. I haven't really used the hint and most stages were solved within a minute(more like 20 seconds). I think they should have harder ones. But I really like the app, it's constructed well and concept is strong as well for its articulation. I did see apps with more ads and don't really think it has too much. It has fair amount for what you getting. One of only two games in my phone. Minecraft and this is all I play. Nice works and please add some harder, more complicated stages so that I can play more and maybe pull my hair :)


Great strategy game

Nice game

I love this game

Great Game

Simple, elegant, and fun!


I always love a challenge.

Advisable app

Good brain exercise, I really need to think and figure out how to solve the shapes! Thank you!

Fun, and the right amount of challenge.

Didn’t get 5 because waiting for a variation as I level up.

So fun

You have to get this

Love the app

Thank you for making it simple and fun

Better than ever

So tricky but fun at the same time I love it



Super Fun!

Challenging super fun puzzles!


Love this game!

Good Game

But it’s a lot of ads


Good so far.

Super fun

It’s a lot of fun and helps you analyze new ways to problem solve by showing you a puzzle that can be solved many ways.


This game is a fun puzzle game


Love it

best game ever!!!!

so much fun highly recommended


addictive and makes you feel smart


Makes you think! Love it


This is a fun game to play to pass the time away. I’m on level thirteen and loving it.

Love this game

Love it




Hell of a game 👍🏾

I love this game

This game is very fun and I like it a lot

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