1LINE one-stroke puzzle game App Reviews

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Who knew drawing lines would be so relaxing!?!

I really like this game it relaxes me,!!! Mahalo I’m pretty good at it too!

Great mind sharpening game!

Intriguing and a work out for the brain


Thought provoking but makes you plan before you move.

Good game

This takes me back to 5th grade when I had a whole book of these puzzles. Well done sirs or madames or sirdames and all in between!🔚

1 Line

This game is actually really good. It’s entertaining and challenging.

Great mind stimulating game

Love this game

One Line

I like it. Gets my brain going!

Pretty fun

This game is pretty fun cause it really test your brain but if you get angry and stress out fast this game is not for you

Like it

Every good 👍🏻

Very fun, makes you use your brain!

Very good past time, much better than a lot of these other games that are out, helps you keep your mind sharp!


I absolutely love this game!! It’s great if I just need something quick to pass the time or if I have time to play it longer. It’s challenging and really makes you think!


Great Game

One Line Game

Great spacial brain game !

Super fun

Addicting and is fun to play


Patience pays off before you start this game...

Awesome game

Totally love this puzzle game!



Fun game.

Love it! Fun game.


This game is relaxing and I love it



Love puzzles

This is simple yet does make you think. It relaxes me




Simple game concept but I just can't stop playing


i like it


It’s so fun an addicting


Fun Puzzles that Tease you, Challenge you and Make You Cheer When You Solve Them! Enjoy!

Good challenge

Starts out a little tough, but wow, definitely a great mind puzzle

Brain game

This game I use before school started it really tested my brain


All I have to say is the elevator music is my favorite!!!

Great app

Challenges you even when you think it’s easy


Low stress relaxing game.

Too many ads

Not very challenging. Too many ads. Kept begging for 5 star review

1 line

Excellent special puzzle game not too difficult


Love the puzzles I can’t stop playing.

Good game!

Very addicting

Fun, but too many adds

Games fun, but too many adds

Fun challenge

It will make you think

Thank you!

I appreciate the free games apps


It’s fun!


Gotta remember the basics!quite the fun game!can't stop playing!awesome game!😃


I liked it was ok I play it often but I don’t know why

Refreshing puzzles to help relax your mind!

When I’m stressed or just need to recenter myself, 1LINE is a fun game that helps you do just that. Totally worth it!


Requires some thought, but not too taxing. Good game!


Fun with lots of levels! Entertaining if you like puzzles.

Great brain “food”

Great game...

Fun but it could more fun.

I like this game but it could get even more fun.


This game is the best and relaxing.

Fun BUT way too many ads

Very entertaining, that is when you’re not playing due to ads. You’ll spend half your time waiting on ads and even worse, they’re following the trend of double-afs, so you wait & then click to close the ad, only to see another screen for the same ad & a second wait to close that. Won’t buy a full version from anyone who’s jumping on the double ad bandwagon. If a user waits & clicks to close the ad, don’t ignore it and show the ad again. I JUST DELETED THE APP. I’ll install some other game where I’m not waiting on ads so much or which actually does remove ALL ads when you purchase full version. Apparently it does not with this one. Too bad. Great game but horrible usability with ad interruptions.

One line is a good game.

I don’t like writing reviews, especially when prompted to do so repeatedly (REPEATEDLY!!!). The game itself was challenging and fun. My children also enjoyed the game. Yay, development team. I am also not a Chinese robot.

Skylar Brooke Sanchez

Can’t stop playing

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